Wednesday, May 1

7 years

28th April 2006 was the day we first arrived in Tanzania. That's 7 years ago (or at least, it was when I first planned to write this post). 7 years of ups and downs; joys and sorrows, lots of hard work and a reasonable amount of fun.

As we mentioned in our past newsletter, we have been thinking and praying about our future, and particularly  in relation to a request by MAF to move to a new location. 7 years in Africa seemed a fairly perfect time to make the final decision, and by Sunday our feeling was that this was God's direction for us. the end of this year (actual dates not yet decided - and largely dependent on our ability to get a visa), we are expecting to more to Cairns, in Northern Australia. Cairns is the regional Head Office for the Asia-Pacific Region of MAF International, supporting the bases in Arnhem Land (Central Northern Australia), Papua New Guinea, East Timor and Bangladesh (and maybe more, we are not entirely au fait with the AP region!) My role is not completely fleshed out at the moment, but primarily I will be looking after the finances of the Mareeba  maintenance base - which does the heavy maintenance for all aircraft in the AP region. Mareeba is about 45 minute's drive from Cairns, but due to the wider range of schooling options in Cairns we will probably opt to live there. As I am also likely to be involved in work at the Cairns office this should hopefully be a practical option!

Anyway, we just wanted to let you know what was going on with us.

We should also apologise for the paucity of postings on this blog. As we may have mentioned before, we are finding going back to the baby stage quite a challenge - and coupled with three bigger children with all their demands (and work and home) we find it difficult to find time to get on the computer - or to do pretty much anything that isn't fire-fighting! We shall attempt to keep you updated though as things progress.


At 10:09 pm, Blogger Mel said...

Thanks for updating us, we've been praying about your next step - Oz will be quite a change from Africa!


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